Welcome to Northern Tier Center for Health

Northern Tier Center for Health (NOTCH) is a mission driven primary care practice with a focus on quality and continuity of care. We are a not-for-profit corporation governed by a community-based Board of Directors whose mission is to provide high-quality care in Vermont’s Franklin and Grand Isle counties.

NOTCH’s team of compassionate and devoted health care professionals and support staff develop long-term relationships with patients, often serving multi-generational families. The organization offers a full spectrum of health care services, including family medicine, obstetrics, internal medicine, behavioral health, pharmacy, lab, and general dentistry.

Federally-funded health centers care for you, even if you have no health insurance. You pay what you can afford based on your income. Health centers provide:

checkups when you're well

treatment when you're sick

complete care when you're pregnant

immunizations and checkups for your children

dental care and prescription drugs for your family

         mental health and substance abuse care if you need it

This health center is a Health Center Program grantee under 42 U.S.C. 254b, and a deemed Public Health Service employee under 42 U.S.C. 233(g)-(n).


Call (802) 933-5831 or any NOTCH medical office to schedule a Saturday appointment in Enosburg



NOTCH Executive Director Pamela Parsons (center) with Fairfax Health Center providers Audrey von Lepel, MD (left) and Kathleen Talbot, PA-C (right)

Fairfax Associates in Medicine to join Northern Tier Center for Health.  Click here to read press release

Richford Health Center, Inc.

d/b/a Northern Tier Center for Health (NOTCH)

A Federally Qualified Health Center

Alburg Health Center       

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Enosburg Health Center   

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Fairfax Health Center

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Fairfield Street Health Center

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NOTCH Administration

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NOTCH Billing Department

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NOTCH Care Coordination

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NOTCH Outreach Team

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NOTCH Pharmacy (Richford)

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Richford Dental Clinic

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Richford Health Center

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 St.Albans Health Center   

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Swanton Health Center   

Medical and Dental  

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